McDonald's Week 2018

Benefiting Austin Street Shelter.

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McDonald's Week is a time for the entire school to rally behind one unified theme and give back to the community. It's a lot of fun for a good cause!

From the Co-Chairs:

McDonald’s Week, the annual fundraiser for Austin Street Center, will take place November 12–16. Austin Street Center is a South Dallas charity that does incredible work to support and educate the homeless community, and this yearly event has been raising funds for their cause for over 25 years. Hosted by the Junior Class from 7:15-7:50 a.m., McDonald’s Week will have themed activities and merchandise for sale daily. On Friday in US Assembly, we will draw for the raffle.

There are several ways for families to contribute to the Austin Street cause. Themed t-shirts and wristbands will be for sale both at McDonald’s in the mornings and at St. Mark’s throughout the week. There will be special dinner nights during McDonald’s Week, at which a portion of profits from certain restaurants will go directly to Austin Street Center. Lastly, through the entire week, Sports Clips will donate $5 per haircut and Nothing Bundt Cakes will donate 15% of their profits. Be sure to mention you are from St. Mark’s!

This will be an awesome week with many fun aspects, but our main goal is to get the St. Mark’s community truly engaged in supporting Austin Street Center. The Class of 2020 has put in a huge effort to make this a great McDonald’s Week, we are looking forward to it!

Thank you!


The junior class has organized games and activities to liven up the fundraising campaign.

Puzzle Hunt

Something mysterious is afoot, and only a series of cryptic puzzles can explain what.

Any who dare may journey to discover the true meaning of them all to win prizes... after class.


Enter for a chance to win awesome prizes!

Tickets will be sold during every lunch period during McDonald's week. Buy one for a chance to win Dallas Mavericks tickets, a Mr. Incredibles suit, and gift cards to Neuhaus Cafe and Paper Source.

Car Wash

Get your car cleaned and support McDonald's week.

Weather permitting, Juniors will clean your car in the Lower School Drive on Saturday, November 10th, from 2pm to 5pm. In case of inclimate weather, it will be postponed to Sunday, November 11th.

Daily Events

You won't want to miss these spectacular events before school at McDonald's!

From 7:15 to 7:50. Students will be directed back to campus afterwards.


The Incredibles are back! Come play character-themed games with the video cast. They're movie stars, almost.


Stare in amazement as Mr. Ken Owens, chemistry teacher and renowned Star Trek fan, hosts the traditional chemistry show with members of the chemistry club. There will be chemistry.


They've answered questions from space exploration to Shakespeare, but does the Quizbowl team have what it takes to win Incredibles Quizbowl?


You know and love him from that one upper school mixer he did, but DJ Halcyon is back for a legendary dance battle.


Local businesses have pledged to donate food or money to Austin Street shelter as a part of the fundraiser. We hold events at each venue to drum up support and spirit.

Parrish McDonald's

will make a contribution for every cookie sold. Additionally, they are hosting All-Day Day on Tuesday and the various before-school events throughout the week.

Arepa TX

will donate 10% of your order on Monday night if you mention McDonald's week.

Cantina Laredo

will contribute 15% for meals after 5pm on Wednesday if you mentioin McDonald's week

Fish City Grill

will contribute 15% for each dinner on Thursday night if you mention McDonald's week.

Sports Clips

will help ensure your hair is Lion Tracks-compliant and donate $5 per haircut for the entire week.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

will donate 25% of their profits if you mention McDonald's week.


Throughout the week, Incredibles-themed merchandise will be on sale at various locations.


The incredible support of our sponsors makes this entire event possible.

Presented by the St. Mark's Class of 2020

10600 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas, 75230.

McDonald's Week 2018 is co-chaired by Thomas Loose ((214)-908-5417), Jackson Singhal ((214)-886-8416), and Christian Duessel ((469)-416-6210).

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